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Hand care eyelash eyebrow eye line lips
Advantages of sasa semi-permanent eye line
Delicate and smooth line without iridescence. Make eyes more blazing and charming for 2 to 3 years.
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Advantages of sasa eyelash
Instantly increase your charm and make you more energetic.
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Hand care
Hand is the second face for a woman.
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Foot care
Foot care brings many advantages。
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Advantages of sasa semi-permanent eyebrow
Keep natural and fresh. Its effect is just like that of brow powder. No redness, pastiness, iridescence and discoloration. Feel comfortable and painless during the whole operation.
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Advantages of sasa semi-permanent lips
The completely herbal pigments are implanted into epidermis of lips with semi-permanent instrument, so as to achieve a natural red lip color desired by customers. It can remain unchanged for 2 to 3 ye
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